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hey pkuer whus up i have two more weeks left of school yeah i cant wait tell summer break.i really hope i do a lot of stuff so now im loving life today was the weirdest every people keep saying hi to me and huging me but anyways my bday is coming up its augest.14th im  going to be 14 teen yeah and i love my bday its the best last year i had a swimming party it was fun the theme was twilight it was so much dad planned the  hole thing it was pretty now i havent been to the docter for my lavels senice apirl or may it really strang my two brothers go to the docters more than i do its crazy.but when i was little like from when i was a baby i went to the docters alot to get blood test i us to cry but now if i get a shot or a blood test it doesnt hurt i now how it is to have to go through and drink the formula but it beats haveing to take like 80 pills or haveing to take some more for more phe.well for pku i can only have 420 grams a day and i have to take my formula 120 three times a day but i add strawberrie quick and it tast better than the other flavor it so good . so im doing great so bye see u next time.

                                                                          thank you ,


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