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Olivia well i have been off the PKU diet sins i was 12. i have an appointment on September 4th to get back...
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active 4 days, 22 hours ago's Blog Did you attend this year’s NPKUA Conference? Be sure to check out Kevin Alexander’s latest video...
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ErinMarie's Blog I started blogging about my journey with Maternal PKU. I am pregnant and due very soon. I am not a m...
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Paige0204's Blog ok, so here is my crazy idea... i have made a facebook group called PKU just to see if it makes lif...
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Getting back on track I have been able to stay under my exchange level for the past 12 days and that's the best I have don...
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Carly501's Blog Hey guys! Sorry it's been forever! Seems like whenever I'm doing bad I shut everyone out. Well not d...
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Chelsie's Blog Good to meet you! My name is Chelsie! and I would like to be a mother some day! So this is why I hav...
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John's Blog I just joined this group called the Art of Living and had a few very inspirational moments that I wa...
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Susan's Blog This is my first blog and so I am coming out with the most difficult of things to share - admitting ...
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It gets esayer!!! you know this is my first post and ive got to say it must be a lot harder to deal with classic pku r...
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sarahl's Blog Ok, I'm posting this blog because I can't find how to post a new forum topic. If anyone knows, pleas...
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MISH's Blog Hi! My name is Melissa. I am hoping somebody out there has recently went to Disney and can kin...
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