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preemie with PKU

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[/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=12] I delivered my baby girl at 27 weeks gestation 3 weeks ago and she was diagnosed with PKU 5 days following birth. Can anyone recommend a PKU practitioner who has had experience with premature infants? Thank you, Lezlie

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I was a premie baby (but I only think by maybe 4 or 5 weeks) I'm not sure if my mom got a specialized doctor for me, I know I of course had a specialized PKU doctor but from what I know me being born early didn't change much. Also I guess it would all depend where you live. Breanna

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Do you mind telling us where you live? Didn't your practioner direct you to a specialist or PKU clinic? Congratulations on the new baby! What did you name him/her? My little man is almost 10 months old now, Easton. Sarah

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Having a preemie and PKU can make it a little harder I had a 2lbs preemie but I had great doctors though they had never before had a baby that small they managed it well and now my almost four year old is thriving. It is a hard balance because preemies need did nutrients then full term. I breast feed for almost a year and would mix the breast milk with the formula yes at times it was difficult but it was the best thing for Caleb.

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