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PKU Foods in North Carolina

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I have moved to North Carolina in July from New Jersey, I am having a hard time finding PKU foods for my 3 year old son, does anyone have ideas where I can buy the food in North Carolina.

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we buy ours on line at

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Do you not have prescriptions in the U.S? You basically order all the stuff you want from the doctors and pick it up at the Pharmacy a couple of days later. It's free if you order a pre-ordered prescription which I did online.

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We live in Wisconsin and for us we can either order things from cambrooke, but to get things like pastas and baking mix we get those from childrens hospital and our formula and that other stuff from a warehouse not to far from Childrens.

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I am also in NC (Salisbury, which is a little north of Charlotte). My daughter is only 11 weeks old. I don't know of any places where you can purchase PKU foods other than the websites. We go to Chapel Hill Children's Hospital every three months (which is where your child should also be going) and I will ask next time what their recommendations are. The metabolic clinic at Chapel Hill is absolutely wonderful. The dietician and physicians have been so supportive and helpful. If you haven't already contacted them, you should. Hope maybe we can talk soon as I would love to meet some PKU parents in NC. Kristen

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