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k well i never really had a story to tell untill now…all thru my childhood my diet was very well taken care of untill it started to b my own responibility. i just wanted to b normal like all my friends so i went off my diet but mom never knew so it was ok. even my mom stopped taking me to get my blood taken n stopped making me drink my formula. i has been very hard these past few years in school going from straight a’s to having a GPA of like .8, i know my diet was the cause but i just was in denial i never wanted to go to the doctor to b yelled at bc i havnt been loyal to my diet. i have no idea what Phe level im at or if im drinking the right formula..having help from people on this website made me change my life from this day on. this morning i called St.Louis childrens hospital wehre i used to go to find an adult doctor since im turnin 18 who can help me get my life back on track and hopefully help me eat the right foods. i made an appointment this morning for next week so i will see how it goes!
so i no this is really corny n stuff but thank you to all the people who helped me in this forum!

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