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We found out Friday AJ’s results went down to 4.7. We thought we were at the point of starting the special formula, but it went down instead of up. We’re awfully excited. Not exactly sure what this means, but we’re hopefull. We meet with his specialist Friday for a checkup. Intrested to see what he has to say about his levels.
Tamara- is your daughter on a regular diet? I know what you mean about the blood draws. The last time I took him in was horrible. It took six times to finally get his blood, I had to bring him back the next day (4 one day, 2 the next). Poor guy, I’d never let it be done that many times if it wasn’t so important. I’m gonna talk to doc about that too and see if any other options?? He’s getting to be a big boy, 13.6 at 10 weeks, he was only 7.2 when born. Will I be able to start him on cereal at four months?
talk to you soon,

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