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This is my first time in the forum. My daughter is 19 days old and has PKU. She has been on formula since day 9 of life. I breastfeed and mix formula with it so I have to pump my milk. I would love to talk with any parents who have breastfed and pumped. I am worried that my milk supply will go down. Her highest level has been 15.9 at the beginning then down to 4.5 and back up to 11. How high do they go before you worry that it will cause brain damage? I really miss breastfeeding normally. The doctors said that I would get to doit more often once they saw what her patterns were like and she was back in the 2-6 range. About the heel sticks, so far I have found that warming the heel with a hot bath cloth made it go quicker and without her being quite as upset. We tried a heel warmer pack but it did not get warm enough to make a difference.

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