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hi! janiekflemming
i’ve read what you had to say and i was impress to see what i read …i am a 29 year old i was pregant in the year 2000 .when i had to abort my baby because at that time i was not following my diet and the doctors said that my baby was going to be handicap so i had that big dicision to make and it was really painful and still is today cause i want children.
i was wondering if you could just give me a few advice ?
have you always been on your diet trought out your life ? nand was it hard being pregant like the food wise ?? ni am sure you and your husband is really happy with your little girl ..i just want to know if there is still hopes for me even tho i had trouble in the pass ? cause it has been really hard for me trought the years i would like to know how you maid it ???? i would really appriciated …..
thanks and hope to hear from you …..nadine

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