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hi! ni am a 29 year old and i have P.K.U ni just read what you wrote and tought that i could give a little advice…i am not a mother yet but what i see from this is that your child is P.K.U .when i was a baby my mom gave me regular milk cause at that time they didn’t know whatP.K.U was nand then i became ill cause the milk was not good for me .
so if your not P.K.U and your child is and you are breastfeeding chances are his levels are going to be high
cause your milk contains alot of protein in it .and your baby is P.K.U so he does not need protein …the formula would be better for him at this point …i know that i am not a mother but i am a P.K.u woman so i’ve lurn many things but still need to know more about it cause it changes everyday and there diffrent cases ….hope that was able to help good luck with your new buddle of joy …. please write back if you can !!!

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