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Hi I just thought I’d add that breastmilk does have protein in it, but it is less phe than what is in Similac or Enfamil. So what I’ve been told is that they need some phe, which they get from the breastmilk. But then if they can’t tolerate that much phe, then you have to supplement nursing with the phe-free formula. It’s just trying to find the balance.
my son is now four months old and I’ve been able to nurse him this whole time. However, he doesn’t have the classical PKU. We’re not sure yet if it is a milder form of PKU or if he’ll end up with hyperphe. His highest reading has been 5.3, so far we haven’t had to start the phe free formula. He started on cereals about three weeks ago and we’re waiting to see the last test result.
take care

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