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Lol, wow after reading all these post I feel so much better. I don’t feel like the only freak who has to drink with a straw! I drank out of a bottle until I was maybe 4 and didn’t leave a sippy cup until I was like 7 (I was homeschooled until 4th grade so we didn’t have to worry about bringing sippy cups to school and stuff). But even after I got off a sippy cup I had to drink with a straw. Mostly because then the sippy cup and straws caught the chunks that were left after shaking it and only somewhat the smell.
I’ve went from so many different formulas, I couldn’t find one I liked. I drank phenex 1 and 2 when I was little, then at like 4 switched the the like maxmade(can’t remember what it’s called) then at 7 until I now I went from phenylade strawberry, orange, back to strawberry then to chocolate, then phlexy-10 tropical juices then, then back to chocolate and phlexy 10 bars (and I might be forgetting a few ) And now I’m taking PKU cooler express and phenex chocolate chews. Yeah I know I’m probably the pickiest girl ever, but atleast I think I actually found one I like. Plus it comes in a little juice pouch so I can take it anywhere and just tell my friends it’s juice… techniqually it’s not really lying.

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