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i dont do dance but i am in cheerleading at school so half the time i call my mom and she has to bring me something to eat most of the time she brings mcdonalds but there has only been one time where she brought me something from home. its so hard to stay on diet when there are so many other things you can try out there in the world that i just get a little carried away sometimes and eat what im not supposed to be eating. what i need is a friend that actually has pku and knows what im going through because then i could tell them exactly how im feeling because my diet is so hard that i hide my feelings from my mom. on friday i cheated with tacos and it wasnt even the taco my mom was mad about it was the meat and the cheese in the taco that she was mad what i need is a friend that lives close and also has pku so that my mom wont worry so much when i go to a friends house. and the day that that happens i will be happy

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