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My name is Sherry, I am Mom to 18 month old Hallie. Hallie is classic PKU, she was diagnosed 6 days after her birth. Hallie is beautiful and very bright. Luckily, she is not a picky eater-she really enjoys her carrots and peaches. When she first began eating table food it was difficult, but she’s adjusted very well and it’s just part of our daily routine. Hallie is followed at Riley Children’s Hospital in Indpls. We are very fortunate to live only within a few miles of the hospital. Hallie drinks the Pheyn-Free 2 mixed with 3oz of 2% milk. In addition to her recipe, Hallie is allowed 150 mg of PHE per day. She likes potates, green beans, of course French Fries. She also enjoys Circus Peanuts and they are PHE free. Hope this helps or if you have any questions feel free to write again.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

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