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Okay I have to bring something up. Usually I don’t have much trouble explaining PKU to people who have known me for alittle while, but today I explained it to someone and it really bugged me.
There is this girl at school who has known me maybe 2 or 3 years because we dance together. Anyway, today she asked if she could eat lunch with me because she normally doesn’t so I said yes. Well first she saw me drinking PKUcoolers and asked what they were and then realized she’d never seen me eat meat and asked me about that…so I ended up explaining the story.
Well mostly I don’t have a huge problem (I do have tiny problems but not as bad as some others), but today I did. Yes, I don’t want people to just shrug and be like ‘Oh well to bad you better suck it up and just live with it’ but I still dont’ want people to be like ‘oh poor you, you poor thing.’ I think of it as, someone whose never had sushi won’t miss it and I won’t miss meat if I’ve never had it.
Well this girl, we aren’t great friends just talk once in awhile at dance classes. This girl had the nerves to say (after I told her about PKU) ‘Oh so, I take it you aren’t going to go to college then?’ I was like ‘Umm yeah actually I am, I’m planning to be a peditrcian and to specialize in genetic disorders.’ And I walked away…I kind of yelled that…does anyone else have this same feeling where they want pity but don’t want to be thought of as some retard? And do you guys think I was over reacting (I yelled pretty loud)?
Anyway I have to go, sorry for my long note. nBreanna
nOh and one more thing that bugs me…when someone refers to PKU as a problem, or diease. It’s just a different way of living and it isn’t like you can catch it…but I don’t know that’s just my opinion.

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