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Julia, first of all yes my mom has been there all the way for me and my little sister. Whenever others had snacks that I couldn’t have she always made sure to have something else for me. The same with my grandma, she always makes sure to have fruit snacks or starbursts or something. With the formula she has realized that yes, she has to make sure me and my sister have to drink it, but also that she can’t push us to hard on it because eventually we’ll have to do this all on our own. Well maybe not totally on our own.
Also she tried to make sure as I was growing up and was younger that when everyone had dinner I had something similar. If everyone had Cheese sandwichs she gave me a low pro sandwich with either jelly or something else. There are so many other things I could list that my mother has done but that would take to long. Basically what I’m saying is as your child grows up just be there for them and be open to hear what their thoughts on PKU are and they will be just fine. nBreanna

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