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Hi Jenn, My name’s Breanna, I’m 15 and have PKU aswell. I have had alittle trouble with my levels before but it has gotten easier. I’m not sure if your around friends much but for me when I was in about 7th grade my problem was that my friends offered me foods and I took them without thinking and also I went to middle school and they had more choices for foods to eat at lunch. After awhile I got my level back and it was about a 23 (I’m not sure how you count your levels but mine are supposed to be between 2-6). I ended up telling my friends not to offer me anything anymore and to not let me get anything that they knew I shouldn’t have like sour cream pringles or regular chocolate chip cookies and things like that.
I’m not sure if that helped much, but it has always just helped me more to have people my age telling me not to eat things I can’t have, even if they don’t have PKU. Frankly, when my mom says not to eat something I just ignore her but if friends say it for me it’s like I can’t ignore it. I hope that helped somewhat. nBreanna

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