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Craigu, I parctically totally agree with you and partically disagree, although this is just my opinion and I totally respect your opinion. My name’s Breanna and I’m 15, I think the PKU diet should be for life, but this is just what I believe. I guess the reason I feel that way is because when ate things I shouldn’t when I was younger it gave me massive headache. I know that might not be the same for others with PKU but that is how it is for me. Then again, maybe that is just because (like my dietian says) I have the a more serious case of PKU and my body can’t handle as many phes as some others with PKU (this is the same with my younger sister). Resulting in us being able to have alot of phes per day. So I do disagree, and I do think PKU should be for life, but then again I don’t know because this is just from my experience.
On the other hand when you are basically saying that people with PKU can do anything that others can do I totally AGREE! You are proof of that and I hope to be proof of that, I’m just as smart (if not smarter ) then some others at my school. And I plan to go to college to get a degree in nursing (kind of as a ‘back up’ degree) and then eventaully I want to become a peditrian and specialize in genetic disorders (mainly pku ). You are defintally right, people with PKU are basically normal people…we’re just on a diet. I’m proud to say I’m almost a straight A student and I also take dance lessons and help teach classes. I think alot of people, including you, are good examples of people who can live successfully with PKU. nBreanna

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