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Thanks for your reply and good luck with your career. I just want to say I respect your opinion but I must say after spending 11 years off my diet I feel a lot healthier and happier then when I was on.
I am always been told by “experts” that it should be for life but I strongly disagree as I base this on what I know and feel.
I also have the more serious case of PKU and lived on a strict diet for 16 years. I was told that the reason we have to be on a strict diet for so long (16 Years) is because that is the length of time it takes for the brain to fully develop into adult size. After this time I understand that learning problems are low risk purely because our brains are no longer growing. This is what I believe and lets be honest noone in the world as far as I know really knows what is going to happen when we get older. Yes there maybe a risk to me but I can only go on what I feel, and comparing to when I was on my diet I feel a hundred times better and I have been a lot more successful.

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