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Hey im new my name is bj and im a 18 years old and have pku too and find its very hard for me to control and sometimes is stressful and worries me! My levels have gotten to 35 and now are back down in the 20’s so far this is my first time really on any kind of a site about pku. i know that it is hard and i try to eat things that i can have but the hard thing is that i eat a lot of regular foods that i don’t eat alot of ditary foods . some of the new foods that i have tried stink or don’t taste good .anyone have any ideas? i am a senior in high schooland will graduate in 2007. where are you from? I am from taylor Michigan . I was 2 weeks old when they found out that i had pku no one else in my family that i am close to have pku.My brother is 19 and gratuated 2 years ago . i want to get my levels down but it is hard . The bigest thing is drinking the formula it gives me gas does anyone get that as well . please wright back.

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