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Wow, I’m amazed at y’alls messages. Seems like there’s alot of support out there, so I know I’m in the right place. I’ve never been on “the diet” that I can remember the taste. I was so very young and never had to go back on, but I’ve been thinking about it just to see if it would change the difficulties I’m having with my health. The doctor[s] are unsure what the cause is of my tremor/shaking. I have panic attacks, lack of coordination, memory and focus problems, balance. All the tests comes back with “normal” brain function. So, I’m the one dealing with the lack of living life to the fullest and trying to find answers to help me revive my health. Explain to me, what I can call p.k.u. symptoms versus something else. And explain the diet. I’m so lost. Hope that someone has compassion and understanding to take me under their wing.

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