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Hi, my name is Bella I’m 22 and have PKU, and have just graduated as a paediatric nurse. I don’t think you have to be worried. I also don’t think to have to change the familys eating habits. I don’t have any siblings but I know my mum and dad didn’t stop eating meat etc when I was born. I just grew up educated that my mum and dad ate meat but if I ate it I would be poorly. I didn’t feel left out at all and your other children then don’t suffer. I’m not sure where you are from but a traditional meal in England where I’m from is a roast dinner, consisting of roast meat, potatoes and lots of vegetables. I would just have exactly what my mum and dad had but no meat. It was fine. Don’t worry as long as your child is made aware then they should pick up that it is not good for them. Try to find alternatives for example you can get PKU sausages and burgers for when your other children have meat. Youve got a while to plan so just don’t panic and I’m sure your dieticians will give you advice. Also I think in my opinion it may not be completely healthy to stop your other children from eating meat etc as they would not be taking supplements to replace the vitamins etc from the meat, like your child with PKU and so would maybe become deficient. There is no reason really why you need to deprive yourselves and children of meat etc if you like it. There are lots of alternatives and recipes out now for PKU, many more than when I was a baby. Your baby shud never feel left out. You can make PKU cakes, get PKU chocolate. He’ll be fine. nBella x

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