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Hi Helen! nMy name’s Breanna, I’m 15 and have Classical PKU aswell (one of the more stricter cases). I’m the third child out of 7 so believe me I have alot of support from my siblings (my 8 year old sister has PKU aswell). I’m not another parent but since I’ve been living with PKU all my life I thought I could give you alittle help. If you need to get formula for your son you might want to call your sons peditrician, they might know. Or if your son is seeing a regular PKU doctor or dietian you may want to check with them. I’m not really sure what more you could do because here I just get my formula from a the childrens hospital I go to.
Also just alittle positive outlook, you son will be fine. I’m happy and healthier then ever! I get really good grades in school and I have dance classes like 5 days a week (we’re performing the nutcracker soon which I’m excited about). Also I’ve already have my heart set on a career for when I grow up. I want to get a degree in nursing, then become a peditriacian and finally specialize in genetic disorders (mainly PKU!). So in another words all I’m saying is if your son follows a low protein diet and avoids at all costs things like meat, dairy and things with lots of protein (or phes) he’ll be just fine. He’ll just be a child with a special diet!
Hope that helped! nBreanna n15 w/CPKU

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