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Hi Paigy, nMy name is Kenneth, Im seventeen years old with Classical PKU, and live in Wyoming. Fortunately, Im not the only person in Wyoming that has this genetic disorder. Its becoming a more occuring disorder. When I was born, my phe level was 54! At the time they were just barely finding out what PKU even was. Fortunately, I was saved and diagnosed by the greatest doctors. I live about 100 miles southeast of Yellowstone National Park, and have to go to Denver, Colorado every six months for doctor appointments. I have been having weight trouble, as I only weigh 110 pounds and can lose up to a pound and a half over night. SCARY. I have been keeping it under control. In a few months, I will be tested on the PreKUnil pills that relax the diet, so that I can eat more of what I can’t. Thats in July. I’ve been keeping in touch with the people who are making the Home Testing Device for PKU. So far, it might be out in about a year. Well, there you go…. A little about me.

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