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I really have to agree with Sarah. I know some people with PKU who live around who get really offended if someone says things like “Things could be worse.” I just think it’s really unfortenate that those people have to think of PKU on the negative side. And no I’m not saying that we all should be jumping up and down and saying yay to PKU but I am saying that things could be so much worse. In my opinion I think we’re, in away, lucky because we can live happily and healthy if we stick to the diet. There are other things out there that can you can’t just simply stay on a diet and you’ll be fine.
Personally PKU doesn’t really bother me much, I’m an A (some B’s) Student, I have absolutely no trouble with socializing with others at school and I’m able to function in everyday things like dance classes. So for those of you parents who are worried and scared things will be just fine, you child is like all others, they just will eat alittle different. I can’t even imagine how scary it must have been for you all to hear that news but I know my mother told me it broke her heart, but in the past 15 years I think she’s realized that me and my sister (She is 8 and the other in my family of 7 kids with PKU) will be just fine. So basically what I’m saying is this: Keep faith and support your child with their diet and they will grow up like everyother ‘normal’ child (not sure what exactly we can call ‘normal’ since every person is different).
I just think about PKU as my ‘special trait’ nBreanna

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