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Well now that I’m in highschool there is a salad bar everyday so I usually take a salad and something like potato chips and my formula. On days when there isn’t salad bar I take a cold lunch with a PB and J, fruit snack, little debbie banana twins and usually like hunts lemon pudding or applesauce.
But when I was younger I started off just doing extra of the fruits and veggies the school was serving that day. And like I said before when I was in middle school I got lunchs made for me. If it was a pizza day at school and every had a piece of pizza, garlic bread, dirt cake and peachs or something like that then I would have a slice of low pro pizza, low pro garlic bread, low pro cake and peachs. Amazingly it didn’t take the lunch ladies long to learn how to make these foods, my mom gave them all the info on where to get the foods and she gave them recipes. nBreanna

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