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Message for Heatherfrasier. I am 27 years old and I have had PKU all my life. I have been on a relaxed diet since I was 17/18 (although I have just gone back on my diet because my husband and I want kids). nMy teenage years were no different to any of my friends. When I used to go to parties the parents made me feel special because there were some things I couldn’t eat so they would go out of their way to get me something that I could eat. My friends used to ask me loads of questions like why I couldn’t eat that chocolate cake and did I know what nuts taste like. I used to love answering the questions because it made me unique. nDon’t get me wrong, some of the time I really struggled because I wanted what everybody else had but I couldn’t. nThroughout my school years I was never teased. As I mentioned before people did find it strange. If they did say something then I would correct them.
If your son is getting teased then these people are obviously not his friends. My friends were so supportive, they even tried some of the protein free biscuits and pastas that I used to get on prescription. Some of my friends liked them more than me. nHope this helps. Let me know if you need any other questions answering.

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