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Lol, yeah that always makes me mad to when someone tells me they get way more phes then me (that’s what we count in). It’s always been alittle confusing to me because some people count by phes, some by exchanges and some by protien. By the way my names Breanna and I’m 15 and have CPKU. Just alittle about me: I have 5 sisters and a brother and Erica (she’s 8) has PKU too. Me and my sister both get 300 phes a day (which is 20 exchanges for those who go by that, but I’m not sure how to count that in protien I think it’s about 6g? I don’t know my mom said each gram of protien is about 50 phes). There was a point when my little sister was like 5 and she got 350 and I only got 300phes and it made me soooo mad! Some of my friends know about my PKU but not alot, just the really close friends. Well I would stick around alittle longer but I actually have dance classes (we might get our costumes for the nutcracker so I’m super excited!) Talk to you soon. nBreanna

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