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heather: does your child have PKU?, if so, there is nothing to worry about. i am (as crazy as it seems) happy to have PKU. Of course i am tempted to eat normal foods, and i absolutely hate my diet. But i don’t know any other way! it would be great if i could eat more, but i am old enough to accept that i am stuck with it, and to just deal with it. Most people don’t know that i have PKU and i tend to like it that way, (just b/c i dont like the questions) Also several times there have been people that try to persuade me to eat food i am not aloud. but i allways have said no, b/c i know the consequenses, and i am horrified of becoming addicted to something i am not aloud. When i was just born, the doctor told my mum not to expect much from me in school. i find that compleatly untrue, i am doing really well in school! my grades are better than most people’s in my year! -maddy

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