Community Discussion Forum Generation PKU has anyone herd of the new blood testing device? Reply To: has anyone herd of the new blood testing device?

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Actually to tell you the truth I’m not sure what my levels are counted in, I’ve never actually asked but all I know is my they are supposed be between 2 and 6 in whatever they count. Grr! Now that’s going to bug me that I don’t know, I’m gonna have to ask my dietian . We actually have a phe book that has a huge list of foods and how much phe they contain, do you have a book like this? Anyway I have to look foods up in there and it will tell how much phes the food has. And I really don’t count fruits accept bananas and things like necturines (I think those are the other fruit I eat alot of that has alot of phes in it). nBreanna

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