Community Discussion Forum Generation PKU has anyone herd of the new blood testing device? Reply To: has anyone herd of the new blood testing device?

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yeah, i thought it might have Gelatin in it, but im not sure. In England there is a kind of jelly i was allowed, but i can’t remember what it’s called. oh well. i havn’t had a doctors appt. in ages (sry really random) but it’s been a year i thing! (not good) oh well. I hate ordering food through my doctors, it allways takes AGES to come!!!!! it’s really annoying! i still havn’t gotten half of the food i ordered (as i allready said) almost a year ago. it sucks, it was the good stuff that didn;t come either! have you herd of chocitas? (or something like that) they do have protein in them, but there really good!

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