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Hello BreaMarie91,
I just thought I would reply to your messages. I have worked for our city for three years now as the Assistant Clerk. I am involved with political business and assist the mayor in his daily duties. As you can imagine, this job takes alot of time and dedication and gets very busy. And yes, every now and then, it creates a sense of difficulty for my job, but I always stay on diet. No matter how difficult your job is, the most important thing is to stay on diet. My busy life includes school, work, polotics, work, work and more work. Every one I work with, every one I go to school with, knows what I deal with and they support me. It makes life so much easier when people support you when you are on diet. Therefore, if it wasn’t the people who support me, I wouldn’t probably have made it this far in my life. So whether you work with the mayor, at the grocery store, a business entity of any sort, the most important thing is to stay on diet. And the best part, is to work someplace where people can support you staying on diet. There’s my little take on business in life with my diet, just so you have a little input.

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