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sit on him how does that work? lol jk. Yeah im not to keen on people knowing i have it b/c then they ask me TONS of questions, and then they go and tell their friends, and then their friends ask loads of questions, it just buggs me. Also they are stupid about what protein is, after i spend ages trying to tell them what it is and how im not allowed protein, they say something stupid like “well, atleast you can have chicken!” or something like that, it’s really annoying! either that or i say i can’t have meat, dairy, beans, eggs, wheat, (etc.) then they say something like “well you can have salad” they don’t realize (even though they havn’t probably ever been in even the same room as a piece of lettuce) that after 14 years, salad isn’t the most enjoyable thing in the world. i love salad, but i get really fed up of having the same thing over and over again! it’s too tiresome!

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