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Breanna: Thank you for all of your wonderful information. My grandniece (4 weeks old) just diagnosed with PKU 2 weeks ago and my niece is so depressed since my sister Kathy has PKU since before the test and treatment. I can’t wait to tell my niece of this site and all the positive information. It’s so wonderful to see people of your age and older who are giving advice and are setting goals for their future since my sister Kathy is 53 years old and sadly only has the intellect of an 18 month old. We have loved and cherished Kathy as our special angel and she has given our family a depth that we would have not known without her special love. We do not know what else she may have given us but we know we were blessed and now through science and medicine we are again blessed. Thank God. And, thank you Breanna for your time and information. Diana

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