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Hi, you all probably know me by now since I give out alot of input but for those of you who don’t my name’s Breanna and I’m 15 and have CPKU. I just happened to read some of your post and noticed some of you mothers seem alittle worried or scared about what the road with PKU will hold and I thought I’d give my two bits worth. Your children will all be fine, if they follow their diets they’ll be happy, healthy children. I may have had a few rough roads where my levels were alittle higher then they were supposed to be but I’m still totally happy and healthy. I’m like any other kid out there and get pretty good grades and I love to dance! I think one good thing about PKU for me is I think I have more tolerance for people with genetic disorders or other things like that then others my age because I know how it is to live with a genetic disorder. I know it isn’t the end of the world and I will surive but I also know sometimes it isn’t easy (but in the end I always make it past the obstacles). nBreanna

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