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once the kids were taken off at five, they realized, as a teenager or older, they were having serious brain developmental problems, and realized, that although their brains had mostly compleated growing, that the condition could still effect it. the only way they could prevent mental disability’s was to keep the children on the diet.
i HATE having PKU, but it’s part of my life and i dont know ani other lifestlye. When i was young i ALLWAYS threw fitts about it, but as i got older i just realized, their was nothing i could do. Going off the diet wasn’t going to improve anything. So here i am 14 and fed up with it. i have many concerns about my future with PKU, but i try to accept anything that comes my way. ALthough it’s INCREDIBLY hard, i try not to let it dominate me. i just want to continue as normal. -maddy

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