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Well for me I’ve been struggling to find a formula I like since I was around 7 or 8 and it took along time and finally I settled on PKUcoolers which is like a juice and phenex chews which is like little tablets. I guess I just tried alot of different samples that my dietian gave me. I would find one I liked but after a month or two of really liking the formula it almost seemed like it wore off and I started to realize all the things I dind’t like about the formula. For example after awhile I started to realizes that the formula left an after taste, or was thick, you know things I hadn’t realized before.
With me and my younger sister we have Classical PKU (the most strict case of PKU) So we really have to watch what we eat, we’re allowed 300phes. I was wondering if your sister has to count her food aswell? If she does how does she count it? Phes, exchanges, protien or something else? nBreanna

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