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i also take the coolers for my formula, it’s really quick and easy, there’s no more mixing which is alot easier, but it does taste kinda nasty (although you do get used to it) and it leaves a really bad after taste so it’s better to drink them before you eat so you don’t have to deal with the after flavor. Wow thats really lucky that she can have dairy!!!! iv’e never had too much dairy before, so once my mum found a tube of yougart for only 2grams of protein. and i decided i wanted to use my exchanges like that. but since iv’e never really had too much dairy at one time, half way through the tube (not much) i started feeling really sick, b/c my body has become almost intolerable to it. i havn’t ever been tempted to eat meat, b/c not eating it and tasting the ‘delightful’ taste (or so iv’e been told) it just looks really nasty to me, so i really dont know much about that. i used to sneek alot of foods when i was younger, but iv’e growen out of that. does your sister ever sneek any foods?

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