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I dunno, the coolers aren’t to bad for me, although like you said I do have to either eat or brush my teeth after I drink them or it will leave an after taste. As for the meat thing I agree with you, meat never looked to tasty to me. Even if I was allowed to eat meat I don’t really think I would have it.
Kayla, I was just wondering if your sister sneaks foods, if so what types of foods. I think that’s just an age thing though because when I was around 9 to maybe 13 I snuck food alot but then I kind of grew out of it.
You seem like a great sister and you really want to help your little sister. I remember when I was around your sisters age and my sister (Amber is 3 years older then me) used to drive me nuts. She’d always follow me around telling me things like “Don’t eat that breanna,” Or “Breanna why don’t you have this instead” And what I hated her saying the most was, “Breanna drink your milk.” I now know she meant well but at the time it felt like she was trying to pick on me or bossing me around and I always felt like my PKU wasn’t any of her business. I don’t know if your sister is alittle like that where she doesn’t really want you involved with her PKU and telling her what to eat and what not to eat, but if she does she’ll probably grow out of it. nBreanna

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