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Wow now i feel bad. I am the type to really get on her about drinking her milk and your not suppose to eat that. I do boss her around in a way, but its for her own good. I just want her to be healthy. Anyways my sister doesnt have classic PKU. She is able to eat alot more of a variety. Honestly she eats really about everything other than meat. She eats all dairy and chips. She doesnt need to count either. We use to when we first learned that she had it but we stopped years ago. The only thing she needs to do is drink her formula and her levels are in the six range. I guess she is lucky compared to alot of PKU children. When met many kids with this disease before and alot of them count. We have told her shes lucky and all she needs to do is drink the formula. But she seems to have a hard time doing it. She just doesnt like it that much!

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