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Its ok i know! she will thank me in the end. Im not sure if she has hyperphe. What exactly is that. I heard of it but i dont really know what it is. She has a mild form of PKU. When she was diagnosed with it her levels were just over 20g and thats really high of course b/e regular levels are 1 or 2g. But she wasnt sky high like classic. So im really not sure about hyperphe. If you tell me what it is then I might know. She is able to tolerate all dairy just about and grains just not any meat, but she does eat bacon. She does have a very mild form though because just drinking her formula she can keep her levels at six. I really believe that the diet they are on is to help them with IQ scores and behavior because in all the research i have done scientist say that the formula is the mian thing that keeps the levels down. But I guess I could be wrong. lol!! I am learning. I am hoping I can get an interview with Amber’s nutritionist so that I can understand all this better. (The more in depth stuff) Do you believe I am right or do you think its something else that the diets for?

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