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Well I’m sort of dreading tomorrow but in another way I’m super excited! Tommorrow I have my dress rehearal for dance, we’re performing the nutcracker next week saturday. We’re going to be there from around 8ish am till about 4pm so we’ll be having lunch there which is what I’m dreading. See most of my friends from dance only see me at dance (lol I love how I use the word only when I’m at dance like 5 days a week) and a few times when we go to see movies. So most of them have never seen me eat so PKU was never brought up and even my friend who is 14 and I’ve known her since she was like 6 and I was 7 still doesn’t know just because it was never an issue and was never brought up.
So everyone is getting the lunch that a group of mothers offered to make (just cookies, chips, sandwichs and things like that) so I’ll be almost the only girl with a bagged lunch and I know it’s gonna embarass me already.
BUT! I’m super excited still because I always have so much fun at dress rehearsals and stuff like this because someone always brings and tv and we plug it in, in the dressing rooms, and we play DDR (dance dance revolution…not sure if you all know what that is) But so it’ll be fun, I guess I’ll just trying not to let PKU ruin my fun and if anyone ask about my PKU I guess I’ll just tell them. nBreanna

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