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Hi, I thought I’d let you know how it went. Well I told my friends and she didn’t really care that I never told her, amazingly she was the first friend ever to not think it was weird or push me to answer questions I don’t want to….that could be just be because she’s just always a sweetie (she’s like one of my best friends).
But not related to PKU, I had so much fun. I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen the nutcracker or know how it goes but there is a part where Clara, the girl who recives the nutcracker as a present, is having a christmas party and I’m in that part. Well I’m supposed to be a ‘big sister’ who walks little girls into the party and I party and junk, turns out I found out today I’m not supposed to be just any ‘big sister’ I’m the ‘naughty big sister’ I’m supposed to convience my friend who is being a maid to give me some champone(probably spelt wrong but whatever). It’s really funny because since this is for dance we don’t talk so we have to act it out during the dance and us pantamiming(I know again spelt wrong) so we basically play tug a war with the tray of wine cups. It’s hilarious because I win so then I have to pretend to get chased by my friend.

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