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A few questions were asked but nothing to much that I couldn’t handle. She didn’t really pay much attention to it after I told her, not in a ‘oh your a freak’ way or a ‘I really don’t care about that’ way just more of a ‘Whatever your the same girl I’ve always known’ way. I was super suprised but sooooooooo thankful that it didn’t matter to her.
But on a really good note, I had sooooooooo much fun at the dress rehearsal…although I was thinking about eatting some chocolate (herseys chocolate was being served at lunch) but my older friend who is a junior and has known about my PKU since we meet when I was in like 4th grade told me not to. Her name’s Besty and she’s such a great girl….lol she knows I’ll do anything she says, exspecially since she’s like 6ft or something crazy like that so she’s like my ‘extra big sister’ only difference is I actually listen to her unlike my real sister. nBreanna

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