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to breamarie: about ur story about talking to the girl at school… first of all, im not trying to be mean. you have pku and u always will. people are going to ask questions and you are gonna have to get used to it sooner or later. hunny im in college and i still have to explain everyday. its just something that comes along with the pku diet. pku is rare, not many people have heard of it u kno? maybe they are just interested in you life. yes it was wrong for that girl to make the comment about you not going to college, but u seriously need to let that go. that girl doesnt matter. you have bigger and more important things to worry about in you life…for one…maybe you diet huh? anyways at the end of ur message u said that u hate when people say that pku is a problem…well the way ur talking about things with it it seems like it’s a problem for u? so mayb that girl wasn’t all that wrong. pku is wat u make of it, and everyone should just deal with the fact that yes i do have pku and im damn proud of it…im the lucky baby out of 10,000-20,000 babies who get it. so i promise i wasnt trying to be mean, but take it from someone who knows and who’s been through the same stuff…pku is only as bad as u make it.

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