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Oh and also I was just curious where you go to college? My older sister goes to Marquette. And again sorry for complaining in that message awhile back, things like talking about my PKU usually don’t bug me but I was blowing every little bad thing that happened that week way out of proportion because of some things that were going on in my life. I am proud to say I have PKU but I wasn’t proud to say it to this girl at the time because other things had been going on between the two of us that had absolutely nothing to do with me having PKU. I haven’t spoken to this girl since then (which I’m happy about, not to be mean but it’s best if we don’t cross eachothers paths) and honestly until you reminded me about this I didn’t really remember it. So again I’m sorry for venting like that, I shouldn’t of put you all in the path of my anger at the time. nBreanna

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