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Not really, when I started school in 4th grade (I was homeschooled until then, which had nothing to do with PKU since my siblings were homeschooled too) anyway it was hard thru elemantary because I was new to telling kids my age and middle school it got alittle better. Now that I’m in highschool the diet isn’t to hard for me, except on few occasions but everything works out. Since me and my friends are older and they are able to understand more they all are really interested in my diet so I try to explain things in terms that they can understand.
And yes we have salad bar like 3 days aweek, and the other days I bring lunch. Although in elemantary I did a mix of taking school lunch (just the fruits and veggies with extra servings) and cold lunch and in 6-8th grade I had the school make special low pro meals.

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