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Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe if your a carrier there is a 50% chance your children will be carriers (in another words for every 2 kids you have 1 will be carrier). Also If your a carrier and but your husband is not a carrier you won’t have any PKU children, you both have to be carriers for that. But if he is then there is a 25% chance (1 out of every 4 of your children will have PKU). I hope this has helped. I was just curious how old your son is who was tested and came back positive but then came back negative also was he determined to have PKU or no? I was just asking because my mom said on my first test I came back positive for PKU but on the second I was negative so they tried it two more times and both of the last two came back saying I did have PKU so they had to do a few more tests to be sure. nBreanna

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