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HI Bella! How are you? Hope all is well with you. I havent checked this site in a while so thats why its taken so long to reply to you.
PKU isnt going well at all. Its affecting my coursework and my placement. Its that bad that my lecturer and mentor have both suggested I take some time off to sort myself out and get on track again. So Im at my wits end and Im losing my motivation to nurse. I think Ill prob take some time out and work really hard at finding my confidence again which I believe will return with control of the diet.
Have you tried the PKU cooler 20? Thats the supplement I take and I find it really easy to take as I only have to take 3 per day and theres only 174mls in them. I took the tablets as well for a while but I was missing too many of themand had to go back to maxamum. The coolers are great. No-one knows what it is they think its a sports drink. If you havent tried them, give them a go coz they really worked for me. Still do when I stick to the diet
Would be good to keep in touch with you. I have a myspace page which I am on more regularly. It prob will be easier to get me on that. nHope to hear from you soon nHope the job is going well. nTake care nJenn xx

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