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Okay so I have good news and bad news! The good news is we just got me and my sisters levels back and mine was like 6.2mg/dl I think so since my levels are supposed to be 2-6mg/dl and my last level was 8.6mg/dl I was soooooooo happy!
The bad news is my little sisters was like 19 or something high like that which isn’t good at all. I already could of predicted that her levels wouldn’t be good because lately she’s been an emotional basket case. I know that might not be nice but that’s what she is, she’ll cry at the slightest things and is starting to become very grouchy and sleepy all the time which is worrying me. I try to help my mom with her diet as much as I can but the thing is me and my mom can’t watch over her 24/7 because there is school and even when we tell her not to eat something the minute we leave she eats it. I know this because I’ll come back not even 5 minutes later and what I told her not to eat will be gone and you’ll ask her if she ate it and she’ll say no even though nobody else came in the kitchen or nobody else is home. Ugh! I wish she just understood alittle more, I know she maybe only 8 but by around 6 I knew what I could and couldn’t eat it just makes me mad.
So any suggestions on how to help my sister would be appreciated, sorry for the venting moment but sometimes my sister just frustrates me so much. nBreanna

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