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hey guys, nim 19 years old and i have pku. i just had a dentist appointment…i found out i have my first cavity in my whole life. i have my tongue pierced and none of the enamal is worn away. and my teeth aren’t rotting away. the dental hygenist said that she wishes she had my teeth. what im trying to get at here is that the rotting away of children with pku’s teeth isn ‘t that common. i know there are some cases but in general, it’s not all that many. differnt formulas may do different things to the teeth. maybe thats why only certain people have problems with this. all of my freinds at my pku camp drink some form of phenyl free…and none of us have any problems with our teeth. i dont kno, just a thought. just like im sure a lot of you have heard the myth that a tonque ring will ruin your teeth…well i’ve had mine since last year, had 2 dentist appts. and at both they said my teeth were great….im not saying that the formula things a myth, but about why our doctor’s might not tell you depends all on how they look at the situation. some may think it’s a big deal, and some may not…it’s just how people are. anyways…just thought i’d throw that in there. hope it helpd! see ya!

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